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Kuivaruoka FARRADO Kani 4kg
Complete feed is a grain-free premium complete diet that contains only healthy, fresh and nutritious ingredients for a balanced and varied diet. The protein and fat content is chosen so that both normally active dogs and increased activity receive optimal nutrition. We use only low-fat, easily digestible rabbit meat (100% monoprotein) Farrado rabbits with a fat content of less than 10 percent. We do not use grain at all, but use easily digestible potatoes and peas as an energy source. Because we use fruit extracts instead of whole fruits, the dog’s body is better able to take advantage of the health effects of secondary plant substances. Ingredients such as flaxseed, seaweed and prebiotic oligosaccharides FOS and MOS ensure that the dog receives quality care up to every cell and stays healthy. Composition: Fresh rabbit meat 37%, dried and minced rabbit meat 20%, potatoes 18%, peas 12%, chicken oil, flaxseed 3%, yeast, beet pulp (sugar-free), elderberries, sea chloride, sodium chloride, dried chicory, FOS, MOS, yucca extract. Grape skin extract, pineapple extract, pomegranate extract, dandelion extract. Analytical components: crude protein 28%, crude fat 17%, crude ash 7.9%, crude fiber 2.7%, moisture 8%, calcium 1.30%, phosphorus 1.10%. Additives / kg: Vitamin A 15,000 IU, Vitamin D3 1,000 IU, Vitamin E (all-rac alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 115 mg, iron 24 mg (iron carbonate 50 mg), copper 12 mg copper (II) sulfate pent 48 mg ), manganese 48 mg (manganese (II) oxide 62 mg), Cobalt 0.18 mg (cobalt (II) carbonate mono. 3.6 mg), zinc 54 mg, iodine 3.48 mg (calcium iodate anhydrate 9 mg), selenium 0.12 mg (sodium selenite 12 mg). Energy content: 3800 Kcal / kg Feeding recommendation: Dog weight kg / Feed amount per day g: 10-20kg (170-290g) 20-30kg (290-390g) 30-40kg (390-480g) 40 to 50 kg (480 to 570 g) 50-60kg (570-650g) The amounts mentioned are guide values. The actual need may vary depending on the age, nature and level of activity of the animal. Always give your pet enough fresh water.
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