Dog Harness

Dog Harness

DiivaDog offers a selection of harnesses for both everyday life and parties. Many of our harnesses also have a tabbing strap already included.

Dog harnesses are practical accessories that can offer several advantages over traditional collars. At DiivaDog you can also find more decorative party harnesses for great events.

The safety and comfort of a dog harness:
A dog harness distributes the pulling pressure more evenly on the dog's body compared to collars, which can be especially important if the dog pulls on the leash or is sensitive to the neck area.
A dog harness has less chance of causing respiratory problems or damaging the neck, especially if the dog pulls suddenly.

Training and guiding the dog:
Using a harness can make it easier to control and train the dog, especially if the dog is still in the training phase or if it has a tendency to pull on the leash.
With the help of a harness, it can be easier to guide the dog in the right direction and control its movement.

Active dogs and outdoor activities:
Harnesses are especially recommended for active dogs that participate in, for example, running, cycling or hiking.
They provide additional control that may be needed when dogs move more freely.

Different types of harnesses:
There are different harness models, such as traditional harnesses, harnesses attached to the halter, and the so-called "Y harness".
A traditional harness is attached over the back, while a Y-harness goes over the dog's chest and back, forming a Y.
The harness can be adjusted to fit dogs of different sizes.

Manufacturing materials:
Harnesses are made of different materials, such as nylon, leather or soft fabrics.
The harness must be durable, but at the same time provide enough comfort for the dog.

Before choosing a harness, it is important to measure your dog's size and consider its behavior and training needs. A correctly chosen harness can improve the dog's comfort and safety when going out and training.

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