Sweater & Pullower for Dogs

Sweater & Pullower for Dogs

DiivaDog's comfortable and warm dog sweater is a favorite of many little friends. A jumper with a polo collar warms the neck wonderfully. Soft knitwear is perfect for a puppy's first clothes. They are light and pleasant to wear, and with the help of a sweater, many pets get used to wearing them and will more easily accept other clothes in the future. Jumpers often remain the number one favorite. With a warm sweater, it's nice to take a nap or go out to sniff the cooler weather.

At DiivaDog, we offer you a wide selection of dog sweaters, sweaters and jumpers.

Sweaters for dogs:
Sweaters protect the dog from wind and cold weather, especially in winter. They can also be useful indoors if your dog gets cold easily.

Materials: Usually made of wool or other warm fabrics such as fleece material.

Design: Sweaters can cover the entire body or just a part of it, such as the back and stomach area. Some sweater designs for dogs have a hood or collar that also protects the neck. Dog sweaters are easy to put on and take off.

Washing: Washing instructions for sweaters vary, and many of them are recommended to be washed by hand or with a delicate washing program.

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