Jewel, Hair Bows, Bows, Neck Ties

Dog jewelry, ties and bows are often decorative accessories that give the pet a personal look and please the owner's eye.

Dog's collar:
A collar is a basic accessory that often includes a place where you can attach a dog tag, such as a name tag or a name plate.
Pantos come in different materials, such as leather, nylon and fabric.
Collars are usually always adjustable.

Dog necklace:
A necklace is usually more decorative than a regular necklace.
It can contain various decorations, such as pearls, rhinestones or e.g. fabric decorations.
A necklace is more of a formal accessory than a collar.

Dog tie:
Dog ties are usually small or medium in size and are attached to the neck with a rubber band, velcro or other adjustable method.
They are sophisticated and can be a good way to make the dog's appearance more festive, for example for special occasions.

Dog bow:
Dog bows are often smaller or larger and showier than ties.
They are attached to the neck with a rubber band, velcro or another adjustable way, and they give the dog a playful or festive look.

Dog hair loops:
Hair loops are soft rubber loops or fabric bands that can be attached to the dog's hair.
They can be simple or decorated with various ornaments.

Dog hair ornaments:
Various hair decorations, such as flowers, bows or other decorations, can be attached to the dog's fur.
These can be colorful and give the pet a happy or festive look.

Materials and safety:
It is important to choose materials carefully to ensure they are safe and comfortable for the dog.
Make sure that the jewelry is not too tight or too loose so as not to cause harm to the pet.

Always remember to observe the dog when it is wearing accessories and remove them if necessary. The dog's comfort and safety are of primary importance.

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