Dog Collar, Leash, Bandana

Dog Collar, Leash, Bandana

At DiivaDog you can find a really large selection of different pantos, straps and bandanas. Our selection consists of basic collars up to bling-bling collars and harnesses. Our selection mainly includes leashes for smaller dogs, but we haven't forgotten about big dogs either.

Dog collars, leashes, flexes (flexible leashes) and Bandanas are common accessories used for walking, training and styling dogs.

Dog collars:
Dog collars are usually used to hold the dog by the neck. They can be made of leather, nylon, fabric or other materials.
The most common types of collars are regular collars, choke collars (for example, martingales) and harnesses, which distribute the pulling pressure more evenly on the dog's body. At Diivadog, you can find harnesses on their own "harnesses" page.
Collars can be useful in training, and harnesses are often recommended, especially for large or pulling breeds.

Dog leashes:
Dog leashes are practical tools when you transport your dog outside. They can be rigid or flexible and made of several materials.
Most leashes attach to the dog's collar or harness and allow the handler to control the dog.
Straps come in different lengths and styles, such as short harness straps, long flex straps, and multi-purpose multi-purpose straps.

Dog flexes (flexible leashes):
Flexi leashes are flexible leashes that give the dog a certain amount of room to move, while the leash user can control the length of the leash.
They are popular in situations where the dog is allowed to move more freely, but where quick control is required.
Flexi leashes should be used with care, especially with untrained or uncontrolled dogs, to avoid injury.

Bandanas for dogs are decorative collars.
They are more style and fashion accessories than functional.

However, bandanas can also be practical if moistened in warm weather for a cooling effect.

Bandanas are available in many colors, patterns and materials, so they can also add style and personality to your dog.

All these accessories should be chosen taking into account the dog's size, intended use and individual needs. It is also important to make sure that the dog's collar or harness is the right size and comfortable to use.

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