Your pet's well-being and health are the most important things to you, and that's why DiivaDog offers a very comprehensive selection of hygiene products for dogs of different sizes.

Products related to the well-being and hygiene of dogs are important parts of maintaining a dog's health and happiness. These products can range from daily basic care to more specialized needs. Here are some examples and their uses:

Fur care products:
Brushes and combs: There are different brushes and combs for different fur types that help keep the fur smooth, prevent tangles and remove loose hair.

Fur coats:
Dog hair pins, which are small, often rubber band-like hair ornaments, can be useful for both practical and aesthetic reasons. They not only enhance the dog's appearance, but also have tangible benefits in terms of fur and general well-being. Here are a few benefits of using dog fur warmers:

Improving the field of vision: Many long-haired dog breeds, such as Shih Tzus, Yorkshire terriers and Maltese dogs, easily grow hair in front of the eyes, which can interfere with their field of vision. By keeping the hair out of the eyes, Ponnari improves the dog's vision and reduces its irritation, which makes the dog happier and more active.

Skin and coat health:
Keeping fur away from the eyes and other skin can reduce the build-up of bacteria and yeast that can cause infections or inflammation. In addition, it can reduce eye irritation and inflammation caused by hairs that rub and irritate the eyes.

Easy fur care:
By holding part of the fur with poppers, it is possible to facilitate brushing and detangling, reduce tangling and maintain the condition of the fur. This is especially useful for long-haired dogs whose fur requires regular and thorough grooming.

Temperature control:
In some cases, the fur collected with the help of bunnies can help keep the dog cooler on hot days, by reducing the area of skin covered by the fur and allowing for better air flow on the surface of the skin.

Expression of personality:
Fur jumpers and other fur decorations give dog owners the opportunity to express their dog's (and their own) personality and style. They are a fun way to add color and expression to your pet's appearance, especially at various events or on social media.

It is important to use fur collars designed for dogs that are safe and comfortable, avoiding too tight or sharp objects that can damage the fur or skin. In addition, it is good to change the position of the pads regularly to prevent the hairs from breaking or damaging the coat.

Nail care products:
Nail scissors and files: The dog's nails must be kept short to prevent damage to both the dog and its owner. The right kind of cutters and files make the task easier.

Dental care products:
Toothbrushes and toothpastes: Dogs' oral health is an important part of their overall well-being. Special toothbrushes and paste for dogs help prevent tartar and bad breath.

High-quality food: A dog's general well-being starts from the inside. High-quality, nutritious food is the foundation. That's why we only sell high-quality Farrado dog food at DiivaDog.

Rest and safety:
Comfortable resting places: Good quality, comfortable and safe bedding places help the pet to feel safe and relaxed.

Maintaining a dog's well-being and hygiene requires constant attention and the use of the right products. It is important to choose products that suit your dog's needs, taking into account its size, age, breed and possible health problems.
Plus, regular vet visits help ensure your dog stays healthy and happy.

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