Life Jackets

Dog life jackets are designed to give dogs buoyancy in the water and help them stay afloat. These vests are especially useful when you are on the water, such as boating, swimming trips or other water activities.

Flotation material:
The most common material in life jackets is light foam, which provides buoyancy without overly restricting the dog's movement.

High-quality life jackets often have adjustable straps and buckles that allow the fit to be adjusted for dogs of different sizes.

Freedom of movement:
A good life jacket gives the dog enough freedom of movement so that it can swim comfortably.

Reflective elements:
Some life jackets contain reflective strips or other elements that make the dog more visible in the water, especially in low light or in the dark.

Boating vests:
Designed especially for boating and moving around on a boat. They can have handles to make it easy to lift the dog from the water to the boat.

Correct use:
It is important to read the manufacturer's instructions and make sure the lifejacket fits correctly and is properly secured.
Each dog has its own weight limit, so it is important to choose a life jacket that fits the dog's size and weight.

Life jackets can be useful for dogs of all sizes, especially those that spend a lot of time in the water or participate in water sports. They provide safety and allow the owner to control the dog in the water.

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