Dog Hygiene Pants, Belts for Dogs

Dog Hygiene Pants, Belts for Dogs

Running pants for dogs and male protectors for dogs are clothes that are specially designed to be used during runs or in certain situations.

Running pants for dogs:
Running pants are intended for bitches (females) when they are in heat.
They can help prevent bleeding from messing up the environment and protect furniture, clothing or other surfaces.
Running pants are usually fabric clothes that cover the bottom of the bitch and are tightened with a waistband to fit.
Available in different sizes and models.

Dog male protection:
The male guard is designed for use by males who may mark their territory or experience excessive arousal.
The Dog Male Protector can help protect the environment from urine splashing and marking.

A male cover can be a piece of cloth worn around the waist or a cocoon-like structure that covers the male's genitals.
Most male condoms fasten with Velcro or buttons and are often machine washable.

It is important that the dog's clothes fit well and are comfortable to wear. They should also be cleaned regularly to keep them hygienic.

If the dog's clothing causes discomfort or stress, it should not be forced to wear it. Dog jogging pants and male protectors may be needed especially when the dog is indoors or when visiting places where it is important to avoid accidental secretions.

At DiivaDog, dog diapers are also available in several different sizes and in different size packages.

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