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You can order jars by piece or by plate. The plate contains 12 jars. The complete diet of Farrado monoprotein for adult dogs of all sizes is a fine-grained paté, 100% of the best quality in rabbits and therefore ideal for the BARF diet and also for exclusion diets for allergy sufferers and food intolerances. Only fresh meat and valuable offal such as liver, lungs, stomach, etc. This hypoallergenic food is made exclusively from carefully selected ingredients and does not contain cheap fillers such as soy or cereals, nor does it contain artificial preservatives, attractants or dyes. Only meat formulated as nutritionally high quality dog ​​food with only one highly digestible source of protein with high nutritional value. Nutrition for sustainable health and fitness. Farrado wet food, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, is a complete food. Ingredients: Meat and offal: 100% rabbit (muscle, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys), rapeseed oil, broth Nutritional supplements per kg: Vitamin D3 200 IU, Vitamin E 25 mg, Zinc 15 mg, Manganese 3 mg, Iodine 0.5 mg Ingredients: crude protein 11%, crude fat 5.8%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 78%, crude ash 2.2%
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