Test package Dry food FARRADO Puppy Junior Salmon, Herring and Trout, grain-free, 45g

Testipakkaus Kuivaruoka FARRADO Puppy Junior 45g
If you want to try this dog food before buying a larger quantity, this is a good option to test first if your dog likes this carefully prepared food. Test dose 45g. Biologically appropriate complete food for growing dogs of all breeds from the first meal. Contains lots of fresh fish - fewer calories for slow and steady growth. FARRADO Puppy Junior salmon, herring & trout, grain-free Biologically appropriate complete food for growing dogs of all breeds from the first meal. Contains a lot of fresh fish - low calorie for slow and steady growth. Our Puppy Junior dry food at a glance: ✔Low-calorie - for slow and steady growth ✔Hypoallergenic monoprotein, grain-free ✔Easy to digest ✔Contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth ✔Without grain and sugar ✔Without colouring, flavoring and preservatives ✔Developed and manufactured without animal testing ✔Suitable for puppies of all breeds and growing young dogs Farrado Puppy Junior with lots of fresh salmon, herring and trout. Thanks to its grain-free recipe, the dry food is specially tailored to the needs of a puppy and/or growing young dog. Lean fish is one of the highest quality sources of protein that dogs can digest. In addition, fish with a lot of vitamin D and plenty of unsaturated fatty acids naturally takes care of a young dog's immune system. Potatoes and peas as a source of carbohydrates, as well as fruits, flax seeds and seaweed complete the whole into a high-quality complete feed. Contents: Fresh salmon 27%, dried and ground fish 20% (of which 8% herring, 6% trout, 6% salmon), potatoes 19%, peas 13%, hydrolyzed chicken oil*, linseed 2%, yeast, beet pulp (sugar-free). ), seaweed, sodium chloride, dried chicory, FOS, MOS, yucca extract, grape skin extract, pineapple extract, pomegranate extract, dandelion extract * Hydrolysis removes DNA residues that can cause reactions in allergy sufferers. Analytical components: crude protein 28%, crude fat 14%, crude ash 7.0%, moisture 8%, crude fiber 2.8%, calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 1.1%. Additives/kg: Vitamin A 21,500 IU, vitamin D3 1,500 IU, vitamin E 180 mg (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), iron 38 mg (iron carbonate 79 mg), copper 19 mg (copper(II) sulfate pent 75) mg), manganese 76 mg (manganese (II) oxide 98 mg), cobalt (II) carbonate mono. 5.24 mg, zinc 86 mg, iodine 4.0 mg, selenium 0.19 mg (sodium selenite 0.42 mg). Energy content: 3800 Kcal/kg
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